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We at Sutherland Farms strive to make your event as worry free and enjoyable as possible. There are situations beyond anyone's control that could possibly prevent the event from taking place. We try to take each situation on a case by case basis with some general policies in place.

50.00 -75.00 deposit required-NON REFUNDABLE... Balance due on day of event, upon arrival if by cash or cards need to be processed 1-2 days before. Non weather related cancellations must take place 24 hours before event to have deposit applied to another date, otherwise no credit for deposit. Cancellations due to weather may have deposits applied for 1 year. Cancellations made the day of the event will be billed for any labor charges incurred in preparation for your event.

Once we leave our barn, and weather causes a cancellation, 1/2 balance is due. if we arrive at the location as planned and weather poses a problem then full balance will still be due. We give every opportunity to cancel before we leave for your event.


On larger festival type events we must be able to drive our truck and trailer to the location and unload, and have access at all times to the truck and trailer. It is your responsibility to make sure we have access to our site location. If we have to hand carry heavy equipment and ponies, additional fees will be incurred. If we are booked to arrive after your event has started, it is extremely important to have this planned out. It is difficult once your guests have arrived if you have not made adequate access plans, and could delay our starting time.

For Petting Zoos or Pony Carousels, a grassy surface is preferred. If we have to set up on concrete, there will be additional charges for mats and shavings or hay for the set up.

REMINDER; Large Festival Events with over 100 guests may incur special pricing charges due to additional costs. Please check with us. 

I fully understand and agree to the policies as set forth by

Sutherland Farms Pony Rides.(Please sign below and forward to us)

______________________e=mail, [email protected]


In the Hot Summer months, please plan to schedule your event in the earlier or latter part of the day, unless there is plenty of shaded areas. When booking a scheduled event over an hour of time,short breaks will be required for the ponies and the walkers. We do not book parties in the heat of the day in those months.Grassy areas are preferred for the safety of the children. No fertilizers for at least 48 hours prior.Please arrange to secure dogs away from the pony area.All animal droppings are cleaned up quickly and as best as possible.

We reserve the right to determine if a child exceeds the weight limit for the pony...80-85 pounds maximum...

Your event is important to us and we would be happy to discuss any special needs you might have.